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Think Floyd Hope

Track Listing

1. Prologue (Instrumental)
2. Brain Rape
3. The Circle
4. If I Had Power (Instrumental)
5. Waiting For Inspiration
6. Scanning For Life
7. Hope
8. Home Again
9. Reprise (Instrumental)
10. The Long Dream (Instrumental)


Tony Red Vocals, Bass Guitar
Peter Mizen Vocals, Guitars
Brian Duell Keyboards, Effects
Paul "Wiggy" Whisker Drums, Vocals
Lorraine Delvino Vocals


Brain Rape

What do you see
What do you hear
We can tell you what you need to know
And what you need to fear
We are digging out your feelings
That was hidden long ago
With a shattered mind and open heart
Is there fake rolex replica watch something we should know
Is it something we can share

How can you know
How can you tell
We can suck out your emotions
For a fat fee and a spell
Are you playing out your life
On other peoples dreams
When the here and now is over
Can you tell me what it means

Is it something we can share
Is it something we should know
Can you tell me what you see
Is it something we should fear.

Can you tell me what you see
Is it something we should know
Can you tell me what it means

Is it something we can share
Is it something we should fear

The Circle

Torn between the right and wrong in everything we see
Finding we were not as strong as we made out to be
All the joy and all the pain we put out in our lives
Making friends and enemies, and cheating on our wives
And we go on

Torn between the right and wrong decisions you have made
Examining you conscience and the path that you have laid
All the good and all the bad we gather on the way
Comes creeping up behind you in the circle we all play
And we go on

Returns one day to take another look
To find your hidden secrets, won't let you off the hook
All the good and all the bad we gather on the way
Comes creeping up behind you in the circle we all play

Will all the cynics please leave the room as we face up to the truth
Holding on to dreams we had, embedded in our youth
But there is so much more to be done as we reach out for the sun.
And we go on
And we go on.

Waiting For Inspiration

I'm waiting for inspiration
To carry on the fight
For love and hate and jealousy, to put the world to right

To tell you of my feelings
To bore you with my fears
And what I have believed in all these years

I'm still waiting for inspiration
But nothing is coming through
Staring at the ceiling, and all I see is you So I'll wait until tomorrow
And make myself a deal
In my own little piece of heaven - It'll be a steal.

Scanning For Life

We received your message long ago
And realized we are not alone
An alien existence needing friends
Using our technology
We built a new machine
To carry us to where there is no end

What did you ever think of us
While hiding in the wind
Waiting for the day we will achieve
You left behind an ocean
Of things we could not see
The time has come, we are ready to believe

Racing to your rescue
With images of peace
As we follow the signal to your lands
With the hopes and dreams of every life
That walk upon our earth
To find the truth of God, and all his plans

Reaching a distant Galaxy
To find a fading star,
Majestic and celestial in it's flow
Your cities lay in ruin
And buried in the sand
A race that died a thousand years ago.


Is there hope, is there trust
Is there something here I cannot see
Is there faith, enough for all
Where is the love you had for me

When you look at the years you have wasted
And only bad feeling remain
You push and pull to find your own ground
While finding somebody to blame

Is it time, to let go
We have grown apart, gone different ways
Does your smile still open doors
With your soft warm voice and jagged claws

When you're on the wrong side of a bad deal
Pushing too hard to let them know how you feel
Nothing gets through, doesn't make any sense-at all

Home Again

Home again
I listen to your words
Making sense of every cutting line
Open up your heart to truth
And pour yourself upon the world
Searching for the fake hublot dark side of the moon.

Home again, I feel your soothing touch
Deep beneath the pain of steel guitar
Playing with emotions
While fighting for control
Images of madness behind the wall.

Take me home again
I still listen to replica watches your words
This crazy world is becoming very clear
When I'm feeling down and out
You fill me with your life
Home again, wishing you were here.

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