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The Gates Of Dawn

Tony Red began his musical training as a trumpet player in primary school, which continued until the fake rolex replica watch end of his school days.

It was the love of rock music at the age of 14 that sent him on a different journey, changing his fake hublot life in 1971 with the discovery of Pink Floyd and their new album "Echoes" followed by "Dark Side Of The Moon" two years later that left an indelible print on his life.

Distant Echoes

At the age of 17 Tony began writing his own songs, pretty
naff at first!! But he knew it was all part of the learning curve and persevered, improving his skills with each song.

Red, the early days!

Red: From the video for the single "Let Her Go"

Tony joined a cover band and spent the next 18 months playing clubs in Germany, gaining valuable tour experience, His first professional job as a musician playing bass guitar.

After returning from Germany Tony found a job at a rehearsal/recording studio where he came across a new age Belgium band called Glass Museum. These were seriously good replica watches musicians with seriously good equipment for the time (1982). Tony Red joined the band as bass player and they set about putting a set of original songs together, this was where Tony's job in a rehearsal studio came in very handy.

'Glass Museum' were offered their first big break with a support tour with "Simple Minds" on the Belgium leg of their European tour to promote the new Simple Minds single 'Promise You A Miracle'.

One year later Glass Museum formed an Indie record company called RGM  Tony Red signed to RGM as a solo artist under the name of Red for a three single, one album deal and In 1984, Red released his first album and second single.

While on a promotion tour of Britain, Red was called back to London because of the collapse of the record company and could not continue financing the project. Even though it was so close to success the whole thing was shelved.

It was not for another ten years that Tony Red would find his next musical inspiration. Tony had been lost in the quagmire of pop music for too long and felt there was only one way to go - back to his roots.

Red - the band

Red. This lineup included Tony Red, Paul Whisker, James Clyde and Beverley Craven

Set The Controls

Was it possible to recreate the brilliant atmosphere of Pink Floyd live? It would a daunting task but one of great reward if done well. In 1996 Think Floyd were born. We already had the band members from playing together for many years in clubs and pubs. Tony Red (bass and vocals), Pete Mizen (guitars and vocals), Paul (wiggy) Whisker (drums and vocals), Brian Duell (keys and effects). Brian was to leave the band after four years and was replaced by Rick Melville in 1998. By this time Think Floyd were well established in theatres around Britain with the help of a new agent Dave Walker, who happens to be a huge Pink Floyd  fan and perfect for the job.

The original Think Floyd line up

The original Think Floyd line up: Lorraine Delvino, Tony Red, Paul "Wiggy" Whisker, Brain Duell and Pete Mizen.

Let There Be Light

Tony Red left Think Floyd in 1999 after five years of touring and producing two albums with the band, but it was time to move on.

In 2001 Tony released a solo album called Positive Waves.

This album was a collaboration with guitarist Nigel Hine who had previous involvement on the Think Floyd album "Beyond Boundaries". Phil Simpson, a sax player was brought in to add the final touches on the new Tony Red album.

Tony's albums are now available  to download digitally from all major sites, including, , etc etc

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